Payback time! Imran and Yas get their revenge on James in Hollyoaks

The Maalik siblings come up with a plan to humiliate scheming Nightingale lawyer, James, as payback for their father's suicide

Yas and Imran detest James after discovering it was him who drove their father to suicide, so Imran is intrigued when his sister tells him she has a plan to make James pay.

The Maalik siblings put together a special newspaper, ‘The Maalik Observer’, which details just how terrible  and twisted the Nightingale family is and lists their various crimes.

James is furious about the damning publication meanwhile Buster tries to build bridges and pull the two warring families together but will his plan work?

Elsewhere, Marnie is worried by Alfie’s strange behaviour and sudden mood change. What is going on with her son and can the concerned mum help him or are things about to get even worse?