Peri's homeless plight goes from bad to worse plus Scarlett comes up with plan to get her claws into ex-hubby Luke

Ever since being kicked out of home by Leela for lying that she was pregnant, Peri has stayed away from the village.

Meanwhile Leela’s fears for her little girl have been mounting and she’s been on a desperate mission to track her down.  This week, in a special episode, viewers will see exactly what Peri has been subjected to and how she comes to find herself homeless and living on the streets with two other teens, Dean and Harley.

Elsewhere, Esther is fuming when Darcy reveals her wedding plans and tries to convince Jack that he shouldn’t be marrying the scheming minx but will he listen?

Plus Scarlett is keen to get her claws back into Luke and shows up at his birthday bash intent on causing maximum disruption much to Mandy’s fury. Will Scarlett get her man back?