Leela exposes Ryan and Ste’s affair – the McQueen’s house goes up in flames!

Ste and Ryan are reeling as their secret affair is exposed at Amy's memorial, plus the McQueens fight for their lives when the family home goes up in flames...

A vengeful Leah gears up to expose her dad, Ste’s, secret affair with Ryan at her mum, Amy’s, memorial service.

Having printed out screenshots of the text messages between the two lovers, she’s on the verge of showing them to everyone but bottles it at the last minute.

However, Leela discovers the incriminating printouts and has no such qualms.

As Amy’s memorial gets underway, a fuming Leela barges in and reveals Ste and Ryan’s affair infront of stunned family and friends!

Elsewhere Hunter and Prince are delighted when their mum Goldie shows up, having finally been released from prison.

However the celebrations are short-lived and the McQueens are later battling for their lives when a terrible fire breaks out at the family home.

Who is responsible for starting the blaze and who is going to escape intact?