Shane forces his sons Prince and Hunter to steal from school!

Shane blackmails his sons Prince and Hunter into stealing camera equipment from their school in Hollyoaks.

At Hollyoaks High, as Prince and Hunter sneak in after hours to try to recoup Hunter’s saucy sketches of teacher Neeta, they’re stunned to run into their dad, Shane, who’s been injured in an armed robbery!

A plan is formed for him to hide out in The Shack, but before the trio make it out of the school Louis drops in to get on with some marking. They’re forced to pile into the classroom store cupboard where wheeler-dealer Shane is quick to spot some expensive camera equipment. Prince and Hunter then find themselves roped into their dad’s plan to pinch it…

Shane thinks on his feet and rattles off a tall tale about what he’s up to when he runs into teacher Neeta, but will smitten Hunter allow his conniving dad to get away with lying to his dream woman?