The tension between Darren and Mandy explodes in Hollyoaks

Mandy struggles to hide her true feelings around Darren. Is their secret affair about to be rumbled at the restaurant launch?

As their new restaurant launch gets underway, the sexual tension between secret lovers Darren and Mandy is unbearable.

The pair are awkward with each other and struggle being in close proximity but it all kicks off when drunken Leela makes a pass at Darren.

Is jealous Mandy about to reveal her true feelings for Darren in public?

Meanwhile a bored  Leah and Ella sneak off to visit the deserted school building. Are they about to discover prisoner, Kim?

Plus Glenn continues to manipulate Grace and paints Esther as the enemy when he sets her up to ruin the big “romantic gesture” he said he had planned for Grace.