Joel returns – and kisses Cleo!

Joel returns and tells Cleo that he feels good when he's around her - and kisses her.

Returning to the village, Joel lies and tells Warren and Sienna he’s been away on a church retreat. Cleo and Joel kiss when he tells her he only feels good when he’s with her.

At The Loft, Sienna’s meant to be keeping an eye on Goldie but she’s too preoccupied by a pair of dolls she’s using for ‘motherhood practice’. Unseen, Goldie slips fake bank notes into the till, as instructed by Grace.

Simone has a nightmare at the rally at The Bean when she falls foul of her political rival Cindy’s dirty tactics. Leela and Zack’s moment of passion in the loos plays out to the stunned crowd, thanks to victorious Cindy.

The situation between Mac and Marnie comes to a head in hospital as a doctor diagnoses a mini stroke while James refuses Marnie’s request to renege on the plan…