Zack takes a terrible fall – was he pushed?

After a row with Leela, Zack races out of her flat and falls down the city stairs. Was it an accident or was he pushed?

Zack’s been asked by Sonia to visit him in Belgium but Lisa and Tegan are on a mission to stop him and get him back together with Leela. But a meet up between the exes turns nasty and Zack storms off.  He later  goes on to ‘fall’ down the city steps.  But was it an accident – or was he pushed?

Elsewhere it’s the school prom and it’s all happening. Neeta dishes out news not realising how Sally feels about her. Hunter, meanwhile, having taken Neeta home from a drunken night in the Dog earlier in the week, is more obsessed with the teacher than ever…

Marnie finds herself in big trouble when another revenge plan on Mac goes wrong. Myra takes her in, leaving snobby Marnie appalled by the McQueen lifestyle!