Former Home and Away star Dieter Brummer has revealed he and former co-star Melissa George did not get on when they worked on the soap together.

Melissa has been making headlines after she expressed her anger at still being associated with the Australian soap 16 years after she left. Melissa and Dieter played young lovers Angel and Shane Parrish in the show in the mid 1990s.

Dieter said in an interview with Australia’s Woman’s Day: “We may have been love interests on the show, but the chemistry was far from real!

“Mel was incredibly ambitious right from the outset. I think she wanted to be the next Kylie Minogue.

“She was a big fan and she aspired to be a big star just like Kylie. I don’t think she had much time for the cast of Home and Away.”

The actor, who has gone on to appear in Neighbours and Aussie cop show Underbelly, also said Melissa’s comments about the show were ‘unnecessary and a bit ridiculous – but then that’s Mel’.

Melissa – currently starring BBC1’s Hunted – complained when Australia’s The Morning Show referred to her as a ‘Home and Away actress’.

She said: “My next call will be to Home and Away to ask them to pay me because nobody does more promotion for that f***ing show than me.”

Fellow former Home and Away stars Dominic Purcell and Isla Fisher, who have gone on to work in Hollywood, have both commented saying they are grateful for their time on the soap.