TV Times talks to Emily Symons talks about reprising her role as Home and Away’s favourite blonde bombshell Marilyn Fisher…

You left Summer Bay in 1999 for Emmerdale. Did you ever think you would be back?
“When I got the call to ask if I’d consider coming back, I asked to think about it, but after about an hour I realised I wanted to say yes.”

What was it like?
“I was a bit apprehensive at first, wondering if I could remember the voice and the mannerisms of Marilyn! But as soon as I was back into ‘Marilyn’ costumes I felt like I’d never left!”

Why is the character returning?
“It is all under wraps. All we know for now is that she’s returned to the place she feels happiest, and that’s Summer Bay.”

Are you enjoying being back in Australia?
“Yes! I’ve missed eating outdoors and having BBQs whenever I want.
And I’ve also missed my friends and family dearly, there were many milestones while I was away like weddings and birthdays so it’s lovely to be back.”

Is there anything ou miss about England and Emmerdale?
“I miss walking my dog around the Yorkshire Dales. All my friends, and going to the pub on Sundays.”