Emily Symons: ‘Summer Bay beach is colder than the Dales’

Home And Away star Emily Symons has confessed she hates filming outdoor scenes on the beach.

The 44-year-old Australian actress moved to the UK for seven years in 2001, to play barmaid Louise Appleton in Emmerdale. But she told Inside Soap she sometimes gets colder filming in Summer Bay.

Emily, who plays ditzy Marilyn Chambers, explained: “Cold mornings on the beach are my biggest challenge!

“I know I worked on Emmerdale for seven years, but at least us actors could wear warm clothing there. We don’t have winter in Summer Bay, so I’m always in little dresses!”

The actress also confessed she’d like to do more scenes with the hunky River Boys.

She said: “I don’t get to act alongside the River Boys much, so it’s a real treat when they come into the Diner.

“I see them in make-up in the morning with their tops off, that’s quite entertaining.

“I loiter for a bit…”