Home And Away star Georgie Parker has said she thinks her character Roo Stewart is an ideal mother for foster kids – having been through the same experience herself.

Viewers have seen her character offer help to runaways Maddy and Spencer, played by Kassandra Clementi and Andrew Morley, after they arrive in Summer Bay – with Georgie saying that Roo identifies with their plight.

“Roo was a lost child herself in many ways,” the actress pointed out. “After her mother died she was a rudderless person for a long time. I don’t know whether Alf and Roo’s relationship was very strong at the time her mum passed away, so she became that rebellious, wayward child, who was the naughtiest and did all sorts of things to get attention. So she understands that in other kids.

“She went away to New York and came back, and so she recognises that streak of rebelliousness in other kids. And I think she sees these kids and goes, ‘I know they may seem naughty but there’s a reason why’.And I think she feels immediately very protective of them.

Georgie added that she thinks Roo has the potential to be the soap’s new Pippa Ross, who fostered four children, during her time in Summer Bay.

“The potential is there. She would like to take them under her wing,” she admitted. “There’s the potential for the show to return to those values of fostering children, and giving the children who have nowhere to turn a home.

“That was always the heart of the show. The River Boys has given the show masculinity and a dangerous side, but I think it’s important to return to the heart of what makes the show so successful, which is a home where the drama can come in and out but is a safe haven.”