Home and Away is set to be rocked as the romances between two soap couples hit the rocks.

Things turn sour between Dex Walker and April Scott after she spots him kissing another girl at a party, while newlyweds Romeo Smith and Indigo Walker end up at loggerheads with the unexpected arrival of Romeo’s sister Mink in Summer Bay.

Charles Cottier told TV Week that his character, Dex, finds himself in tempting waters as his girlfriend (played by Rhiannon Fish) looks after an ill Irene: “He’s never had a girl come on to him like that. He tries to resist her, but she grabs him and pulls him in.

“Before he knows it, he’s making out with her. It’s not like Dex went looking for it – he just made a stupid decision.”

But he soon regrets it when April turns up on the scene and witnesses his passionate kiss, prompting her to doubt their relationship.

“She’s a really strong girl, so the second he breaks her heart, she’s like, ‘I’m done – I don’t want you to hurt me again’,” explained Rhiannon.

Meanwhile, Mink’s (Matylda Buezko) money-inspired surprise visit puts Romeo and Indigo’s marriage under pressure, as they struggle to make ends meet.

Despite Indigo (Samara Weaving) instructing her husband not to hand over any cash, he goes behind her back and gives his sibling money in secret.

“Romeo is stuck in the middle,” said Luke Mitchell, who plays him.

The scenes will screen on Home and Away later in the winter on Channel 5 in the UK.