Home and Away star Charles dishes the dirt on Dex!

All about Dex! Home and Away star Charles Cottier is in the hot seat to answer our questions…

We were amazed to discover from Channel 5’s Bay Reporter, Joanna, that you don’t have your own dressing room. Scandal! How long do you have to be with Home and Away before you get your own space?

“Haha! Perhaps when I’ve been on the show for as long as Ray Meagher, who plays Alf, I will ask for my own Hollywood trailer!”

You moved from Brisbane to Sydney for Home and Away. What do you miss most about being away from home?

“I miss my family and my house because I have had the best time growing up there and it is difficult to be away from that, however I really do have the best job in the world.”

Dexter has a mad sense of humour – and some of the funniest dialogue on the show. How much alike are you to your character?

“I love playing Dex! We are a little bit alike, however he is a little bit more awkward than me. But we are both a little crazy.”

Who are the biggest pranksters behind-the-scenes and have you played or had any big pranks played on you by other cast members?

“The biggest prankster for me is David Jones Roberts, who plays Xavier. He torments me! David has been known to burst into my dressing room and tackle me. Once he hid all my character’s clothes – I didn’t know what to do!”

In the latest UK episodes things are getting serious between April and Dex. Can you give us any hints as to what’s in store for your character in 2012?

“Much more seriousness and good times… and some bad times are ahead for Dex.”

If you could persuade another TV or film star to appear in Home and Away, who would it be and who would they play?

“Jim Carey – he would play my real dad and I would find out I am actually adopted.”

What’s been your favourite storyline since arriving in Summer Bay?

“When the River Boys first arrived – they kidnapped Dex and put him in the boot of their car and then dropped him in the middle of the bush!”

Is it true that you used to be in a band back in Brisbane? What’s your music style and who are your favourite bands?

“That is true! We were called The Arks. I like a lot of jazz music and my favourite bands are The Yellow Jackets and Herbie Hancock.”