Home and Away’s Ada: ‘Leah should have a fling!’

Home And Away‘s Ada Nicodemou has revealed she thinks her character should have a wild one-night stand to incorporate her real life pregnancy.

The soap star, who last week announced she is expecting her first child with husband Chrys Xipolitas, told the Australian Daily Telegraph she is not sure how her pregnancy will be written in to the show.

Ada said: “I sprung it on them like I did everyone else, so they’re rewriting as we speak. The producer knew because I had to go through IVF. I don’t know what they’re going to do.”

Since Ada revealed she was 15 weeks pregnant, there have been rumours of a baby storyline between her character Leah Patterson-Baker and bad boy Brax (Steven Peacocke).

But Ada said: “I think maybe we should get a new character in. I think Leah should have a one-night stand. I think she needs to live a little.”

The 34-year-old actress revealed her decision to undergo IVF treatment was the “best thing” that she has ever done.

She said: “I’m a control freak and I started getting really stressed about not falling pregnant. But the minute I decided to do IVF, it took all that stress away and you feel more in control. Now I’m really calm. I think I’m the most relaxed I have ever been.”

Ada’s character Leah is a single mum on the show to deaf son VJ. She was also a surrogate mother for Sally, giving birth to Pippa Saunders.

Last year, Leah suffered a miscarriage after falling pregnant to friend Miles, played by Josh Quong Tart.