Home and Away’s Amanda set to return

She was last seen waltzing off to the city with third husband Peter, but it seems Amanda Baker is heading back to Summer Bay.

The character, played by actress Holly Brisley, is apparently set to return to Home and Away next month, just weeks after she packed her bags and left Summer Bay behind.

Holly reportedly told Confidential: “My character only moved to the city so she can flit in and flit out.”

The blonde’s alter ego has had a bumpy time in Summer Bay.

Amanda, who’d been married to stalwart Dan, first arrived in 2005, taking a job as the school’s drama teacher.

She lied about being pregnant to keep her claws into lover Scott Hunter (Kip Gamblin), before wooing and marrying his wealthy grandfather Graham Walters (Doug Scroope).

When Graham found out his bride had been unfaithful he demanded a divorce, but died before the post-nuptial agreement could be sorted out, leaving Amanda a very rich woman.

Then she discovered that Belle (Jessica Tovey), her baby daughter whom she thought had died in childbirth, was alive and living in Summer Bay.

Things heated up when Belle exposed her conniving mum in front of the locals.

So will the Summer Bay residents welcome Amanda back? Watch this space!

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