Home and Away’s Dan: ‘Heath does have a soft side’

Home and Away actor Dan Ewing has revealed there is a softer side to his bad boy character.

The Australian hunk, who plays River Boy Heath Braxton in the Five soap, claims fans may see that the Summer Bay troublemaker is not all he seems.

“I think even the toughest guys in the Bay have a soft side. It’s actually very interesting to watch it unfold and I love finding out why these guys have become who they are,” he said.

Dan hinted: “You will see more and more vulnerable aspects to the boys, but don’t worry, they won’t lose the River Boy edge.”

While the trio are making enemies in Summer Bay, Dan reckons they will soon find friends.

“Well, it’s easy to see who Brax and Casey ‘befriend’. Heath also gets very close to a certain lady…” he teased, without giving away any names.

Like his bad boy alter-ego, Dan enjoys sports and keeping fit, but just can’t agree with some of the things Heath gets up to.

“In many ways, yes I am like him – (in) loving a party, the outdoors, staying in shape, (and) having a laugh but Heath engages in criminal activities that I certainly don’t,” he said.

“I love the character so much. After all the bad boys get to do the coolest stuff!” he added.

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