Home and Away’s Emily: I regret leaving my family

Home And Away star Emily Symons has confessed she regrets the time she spent away from her family working in the UK.

The 43-year-old Australian actress moved to the UK for seven years in 2001, to play barmaid Louise Appleton in Emmerdale. She left to move back Down Under and in 2010, reprised her role as ditzy blonde waitress Marilyn Chambers in Aussie soap Home And Away.

Emily revealed: “I spent a lot of my life living away from my family and I do regret that now.

“You can’t change it, that was my past, but I do feel like I wasted some valuable mum time.

“I spent 20 years off on this mad adventure, and then when I finally came home my mother died. I know everyone has tragedy in their lives, but I think that particularly rocked me. Turning 40 and losing my mother will always have an effect on me.”

While she was in the UK she also competed in Dancing On Ice, but she revealed she doesn’t think she would say yes to such a challenge again.

Emily said: “I was really bad at it and I got hurt a lot. I did it to push my boundaries – I suffer from terrible nerves. I’m really bad at auditions. For someone who wanted to be an actress it’s a miracle I got a job basically!

“It was an incredible experience in my life, but I look back on it and I don’t think I’d do it again. I know I’m a lot older but if you asked me today I probably would say no.”

But she added: “I loved being flung around. I loved when [professional partner Dan Whiston] had my feet and he was swinging me around. I’m kind of fearless like that. I love galloping on horses and doing stuff like that.”

:: Home And Away continues on Channel 5 on week nights.

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