Home and Away’s Ric Dalby is literally fighting for life… his own and his unborn baby’s says actor Mark Furze!

Ric’s been given a dreadful ultimatum. What is it?
“Basically he has to fight to save the life of his unborn child. Noel has threatened if he refuses he’ll will make Viv give up the baby.”

Why’s Noel so desperate for Ric to fight?
“If he doesn’t, Noel’s punters won’t get the rematch they feel they deserve after Ric keeled over in the first few seconds of the previous bout. And they’re not the kind people you want to upset!”

Has Ric been getting a buzz out of the fights?
“No guy would ever want to pull away from a scrap for fear of his manliness being brought into question. But Ric’s not stupid. He knows he’s at serious risk.”

Who’s his opponent?
“Logan, a member of Johnny Cooper’s gang with a grudge. This isn’t just an illegal fight. This could be the death of him – literally.”

Can he find a way out?
“Ric talks to Jack and he uses his police connections to come up with a plan – a raid on Noel’s illegal fights. But Ric has to fight… without a fight they won’t be able to pin anything on Noel.”

Isn’t it risky – teaming up with the police?
“You could say that! If Noel finds out Ric’s working with the police to bring down his operation he’ll be in even more danger.”

What about Matilda? Does she try to stop Ric?
“Mattie’s worried for Ric but she understands why he’s got to do it. She feels Noel deserves what’s coming to him.

Does it all go to plan?
“No. Ric gets a call from Jack to say the raid task force has been diverted to hunt for escaped prisoners. They’re desperately trying to put together a new team of officers but Ric’s going to have to stall the fight.”

Does he manage it?
“He comes up with excuse after excuse to delay but after a while he has no choice but to go into the ring.”

And things go from bad to worse…
“Ric finds himself being ordered to finish the fight at gunpoint. Noel wants him punished and it doesn’t look good…”