It’s a dramatic end to the year for the Braxton family, as Brax reveals a shock secret which could send him to prison for a very long time! We caught up with Home and Away star Steve Peacocke (Brax) to find out more… 

Since arriving in Summer Bay, Andy and Josh Barrett have had a mystery vendetta against the Braxton family. What’s going on there?

“When Brax first finds out Andy and Josh’s surname is Barrett, something twigs. The name has a significance to him. There is definitely a history between the two families, a history only Brax knows about.”

Brax is hiding a shock secret that could change everything!

“Yes, it’s something he has been struggling with since he was a teenager. Something he can’t even tell his brothers.”

Secrets have a horrible way of being found out in Summer Bay. What happens when the family find out what Brax has been hiding?

“There are some high-stake scenes! It is hard for them all to accept. Brax has always been the leader of the family. But suddenly it looks like he won’t be around to help solve their problems any more.”

We’ve heard a rumour Brax is going to prison!

“Without giving too much away, Brax makes a massive decision which means the character will be taking a break from the series. But don’t worry, Brax will be back!”

Earlier this year you took a break from Home and Away to shoot your first Hollywood film, Hercules. What was that like?

“I have a very small part in a big movie! I play a character called Stephanos and have scenes with Ian McShane and John Hurt. Brilliant British actors. I love my job on Home and Away, but it was a good time to take a break and see how a film like this is made. I was over in Budapest, shooting Hercules for about four months.”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson plays Hercules. What’s he like?

“He’s a really nice bloke, and looks unbelievably cool as Hercules.”

The movie is based on the graphic novel, Hercules: The Thracian Wars. Can we expect loads of big screen action?

“There’s one big battle scene I am involved in. We probably spent about two weeks practising. We worked with a stunt co-ordinator who had worked on Wolverine. I learned a lot of sword-fighting. It was great. Hopefully I won’t end up on the cutting-room floor!”

Do you see yourself following in the footsteps of ex-Home and Away stars like Chris Hemsworth and moving to Hollywood?

“I would like to work in films, but I don’t want to move to LA at the moment. But it was an amazing experience and very different to working in TV. It took over six weeks to film one battle scene for Hercules and the attention to detail is phenomenal. On Home and Away you can shoot up to 12 scenes in one day!”