Home and Away star Steve Peacocke has confessed he got nervous working with big Hollywood actors in new blockbuster Hercules, but they made him feel at ease.

The Aussie hunk took a break from Home and Away this year to film a role in the movie alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Ian McShane and John Hurt.

Steve revealed: “It was incredible. I was there for four months over in Budapest. I have a very small part in a big movie, but I had scenes with Ian McShane and John Hurt, brilliant English actors. It was good to get away from Home And Away and see how these other people work.

“You’re sitting around for hours on end with these people you’ve only ever seen on the big screen, and I can’t help but be nervous around people like that. But after weeks of it you’re talking about the footie and whatever.”

Asked about The Rock, Steve said: “He’s a top bloke, a lovely bloke, not an ounce of ego about him.

“I played a lot of footie in Australia and like all these massive Samoans, he can look menacing. As Hercules he looks unbelievably cool. But at the same time he said please and thank you to the crew, and is a really lovely bloke and talked to us like we’re anyone else.”

Steve – who plays River Boy Brax Braxton in the Aussie soap – admitted his sports background came in handy on the film.

He said: “There’s one big battle scene that I’m involved in and we spent two weeks rehearsing. I learned a lot of sword fighting and all kinds of stuff, and they worked out that I was pretty fit and keen to learn, so they taught me a lot.

“Maybe I’m already sitting on the cutting room floor, but hopefully not.”

Steve has been in London shooting top secret scenes for Home And Away, which will screen on Channel 5 next year.