Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou has spoken out about her personal struggle during husband Chrys Xipolitas’s battle with depression.

The 34-year-old actress – who briefly split from her husband of four years last year – told Australia’s Marie Claire magazine she felt helpless and didn’t know how to cope with her normally cheerful husband’s change in personality, The Australian Daily Telegraph reports.

Ada said: “I tried to fix it and I didn’t understand why he couldn’t snap out of it.

“For him, there was a lot of shame in admitting he wasn’t OK. I felt helpless.”

She revealed the couple are now happier than ever and Chrys is medication-free.

Ada said: “I think we’re a lot stronger because of what we’ve been through together.”

The soap star – who plays Summer Bay single mother Leah Patterson-Baker – joined other Australian stars in a photo shoot for the magazine’s Shine A Light Campaign, which raises awareness of depression.

Ada has signed up to host new TV series, Please Marry My Boy, a reality show in which overbearing mothers try to find wives for their sons.