Home and Away’s Esther Anderson is loving her steamy on-screen romance.

Her character Charlie Buckton, who was previously in a lesbian relationship with Joey Collins in 2009, has been enjoying a passionate fling with River Boy Brax (Steve Peacocke).

“What is wonderful about this relationship is that it is forbidden love. There is this element of danger that brings excitement along with it,” she told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

“In all her previous relationships she has been hesitant and held back physically and with her feelings. With Joey, she didn’t want anyone to know about it (the relationship). With Brax, along with the danger, it’s quite fun and flirty.

“This new romance with Brax shows another layer. Now I think you’re getting to see Charlie’s fun side.”

Esther, a former model, said the addition of the River Boys to the Australian soap is a blessing. “Women of all ages are going gaga over Brax – even my mum,” she added.

While she’s heating up screens with Brax, in real life the 32-year-old is single because she has been focusing on her career.

“I came into the show at 28 years of age, which some might think is quite late to begin your acting career. I felt so blessed to be given this opportunity that I have been quite happy to make a priority of developing my skills and throwing myself into my work.”

Esther added: “I haven’t found the person I want to commit to. I want to be with the right person if I’m going to put everything into it.”