Home And Away‘s Esther Anderson has revealed she struggled to put on weight after competing in Dancing With The Stars Australia.

The 32-year-old actress – who plays Summer Bay police sergeant Charlie Buckton – revealed to New Idea magazine that training for the show last year caused her to lose weight and she felt too thin.

Esther said: “I was eating as much as I could, but that’s just the way my body is. I don’t exercise a lot, so when you add 30 hours of training in, my body changed. But it’s history now and I feel really good and womanly again.

“I just wanted to get back to my normal size as quickly as possible. I’m back to my normal weight. I eat whatever I want, but it’s healthy.”

The soap star was concerned about sending out the wrong message to young girls watching the show. She said: “I don’t want young girls to look at me and think I’m trying to be skinny and that I think protruding ribs look good, because I don’t. I would love to be a lot more curvy.”

But Esther – whose character Charlie has been in an on-off romance with bad boy Brax in the soap – is now happy with her body.

She revealed: “I was brought up on healthy food. I don’t exclude anything – I have treats. It’s just not too much excess. I love coffee and I love wine. I eat pizza.

“It’s been a huge year, in terms of my professional workload. I’m so content with my job and where I am in life at the moment. Everything feels as it should be.”