Home & Away’s Rebecca admits her love is a cliche

Home and Away‘s Rebecca Breeds admits to feeling ‘cliched’ for finding real-life love with her co-star.

The actress, who plays Ruby Buckton in the soap, is dating Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith) off-screen.

After being shown footage of other real-life Summer Bay couples, Rebecca told The Morning Show: “I feel really cliched. It’s horrible.”

Former soap stars Bec Cartwright and Beau Brady (Hayley and Noah Lawson) were once the show’s golden coupl,e but broke up after four years.

Dannii Minogue and Julian McMahon also found love off-screen, but their marriage ended after less than two years.

Rebecca joked that she hoped such tales were not a prophesy for her own relationship, but added: “Every relationship and every couple is different, but thankfully we didn’t meet on set so we break the cliche a bit there.

“We have mutual friends and met there and I was like, ‘You’re the new boy and I’ll see you at work on Friday.'”

Rebecca has previously revealed that art is to imitate life when her character falls for Romeo in the soap.