Is Brad ‘the one’ for Sally?

After the death of husband Flynn, Home and Away’s Sally Fletcher has since found love with teacher Brad Armstrong. But will it be happy ever after? Actress Kate Ritchie reveals all…

Sally rejected Brad’s first proposal. Why?

“Sally felt awkward about being Brad’s boss. She was shocked as it came right out of the blue too.”

Does the fact her first husband Flynn died have something to do with it?

“Sally was madly in love with Flynn and it does seem very soon to be marrying again.”

What makes Sally change her mind?

“She’s devastated when the boat Brad and his mates have taken out disappears in a storm. She fears she’ll never get the chance to tell Brad how she really feels.”

Are the guys rescued?

“Thankfully they’re found safe and sound. Sally and Brad are reunited and it’s very emotional. Sally says if he asked her again she’d give him a different answer…”

And does he ask again?

“Brad takes her hands and says ‘Sally will you marry me?’ And this time she says ‘Yes’ so they’re engaged!”

Does Sally love Brad as much as she loved Flynn?

“She sees Brad as the future but the problem is she can never forget about Flynn. Although she loves Brad it’s not the same as the love she had for Flynn.”

Is she really sure about marrying him?

“Deep down I still don’t think she is. I think she still has doubts. It’s not like with Flynn. When she made her marriage vows to him she felt totally and utterly committed and totally and utterly sure…”

What sort of wedding will it be?

“That’s another worry… Brad wants a big wedding as his first wedding was a small event while Sally wants a quiet wedding as her last one was a big do. It’s not long before Sally’s wondering if she’s doing the right thing.”

It can’t help their relationship that Sally now has Brad’s job!

“That’s a sensitive subject and Sally’s very conscious of it. But Brad’s surprised her by seemingly being OK that he’s just a teacher again rather than the head. It may cause problems in the future though…”

So will the wedding go ahead and Sally and Brad live happily ever after?

“This is Summer Bay… plus with Sally’s track record of romance I wouldn�t bet on it!”

And as Kate herself will shortly be bidding farewell to Summer Bay the question remains: will Sally leave with Brad – or alone?

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