Justin fears that Brody’s drug addiction is tearing the Morgan family apart, Home and Away star James Stewart reveals…

Justin Morgan is head of a family that’s on the verge of imploding because of younger brother Brody’s growing drugs problem in Home and Away.

“Adopting a tough love policy and having zero tolerance towards drugs, Justin kicked Brody out of the family home,” James Stewart told Soaplife. “But this goes against the promise he made to his dying parents that he’d keep the family together at all costs.”

Then Brody goes AWOL…

Is Justin at the end of his tether?
“He’s in total despair. He wants Lena Ascot punished for getting Brody [Jackson Heywood] on to drugs in the first place and he wants the dealers arrested. Justin’s really frustrated with what the police can and can’t do. He’s out of his depth, but he has no choice but to do what he can to try to save the family. The fact that Phoebe’s left Summer Bay also means Justin’s very lonely.”

Is he tired of being head of the family?
“Definitely not! It’s his lot in life and a great deal of pride comes from it. Brody’s issues are causing problems with Justin and the other siblings, but they all love Brody and they’re worried about him.”

Does Justin blame himself when Brody goes missing?
“It does make Justin ask himself if he’s dealing with this problem effectively. He blames himself for sure, but getting something wrong doesn’t mean he’s going to quit.”

Brody does eventually turn up… What’s Justin’s reaction?
“He’s obviously relieved, but it does make him realise that Brody must have been in a bad way to have taken drugs in the first place. There must be a number of factors that have caused this to happen to his beautiful little brother.”

Can the Morgans ever be the way they were before Brody’s drug addiction?
“Justin’s ‘always use your heart, not your ego’ approach to life means he absolutely believes that life can go back to the way it was before this terrible chapter.”

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