‘Killer cop’ Angelo returns to Summer Bay!

Watch out for the return of Angelo Rosetta in Home and Away from May 19, when the shamed copper comes back to Summer Bay to investigate rumours of a killer shark in the water!

Angelo – played by Luke Jacobz – does not receive a very warm welcome from the locals, who still believe he murdered Martha’s policeman husband, Jack Holden.

“For many years I’ve played likeable characters that never do anything wrong, so it’s been great to walk into a room and have daggers thrown at you,” says Luke, who has also appeared in the Australian dramas Heartbreak High and McLeod’s Daughters.

He added: “It’s good playing a character that isn’t liked. Everyone hates him, so it’s been great to play something new.”

Expect to see fireworks between Angelo and Martha, as he vows to track down Jack’s real killer and bring them to justice.

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