Kim: Till birth do us part?

One minute Home & Away’s Kim Hyde is getting married, the next he’s having a baby – but not with his new wife! Actor Chris Hemsworth reveals all…

So, it’s Kim and Rachel’s big day. How’s Kim feeling?

“It starts off a nightmare! The bucks’ night stripper stole the wedding rings so he makes a dash into the city to buy replacements… then his car breaks down and he can’t get back. He finally arrives half-dressed and sweaty on horseback!”

Not the best start then. They do finally exchange vows?

“Yes! And it’s just as they hoped. Kim’s obviously happy but also relieved. It looks like this one’s a keeper!”

How does he feel about their future?

“Based on Kim’s history, he’s nervous: Rachel could have an evil twin, they could get blown up or maybe swept away in a tornado. Summer Bay relationships rarely end in happy ever after.”

But they’ve got baby Joe, so things are looking good?

“Well, they DO have baby Joe, but not for long. On their wedding night there’s a knock on the door and it’s Joe’s real mum Lee, back to claim her son.”

Oh no, how do they react?

“They’re both devastated. Rachel wants to fight for Joe but Kim persuades her they must give him back to his mum.”

So Kim and Rachel don’t get to be parents after all?

“Ah, there’s a twist. Kit Hunter turns up… and she’s pregnant!”

With Kim’s child?

“Absolutely. From the night they spent together in the bush after the helicopter crash.”

How does Kim feel about it?

“He’s stunned. He can’t believe his life is being turned upside down. Of course, Kit has no idea of the full impact this is having on Kim, given he thought he would never father children of his own after getting the mumps.”

What about Rachel?

“He decides not to tell her but she sees Kit and puts two and two together. It’s hardly an ideal situation. Days after she marries she discovers another woman’s pregnant with her husband’s child. But she doesn’t want Kim to be deprived of his one chance to be a dad.”

Rachel did know about Kim and Kit’s one night stand, didn’t she?

“Yes she did. And she didn’t feel threatened by it. Kim told it as it was, a desperate night when the ex-lovers feared for their lives and sought comfort in each other.”

Is Rachel at all worried that Kim’s going to want to go back to Kit then?

“They’ve only just got married and, as far as she’s concerned, their relationship is rock solid.”

What about Kim? Is he likely to want to go and play happy families with Kit?

“For now the three of them agree they’re in this together – but who knows?”

So, what would you like for Kim?

“I just want him to make a few decisions on his own! And maybe hang out with his mates for a change – after all he is only 19!”