Lisa Gormley: ‘Bianca and Jade’s power struggle is the downfall of Summer Bay’

Bianca is just one of the residents caught in the chaos when a bomb explodes in Summer Bay this month!

Home and Away star Lisa Gormley, who plays Bianca, chats to us about the soap’s explosive cliffhanger…

Bianca and Heath finally managed to get married, despite all the drama they’ve been through! How are these two characters still together?!
“Bianca is just besotted with this man. The intrigue is they have such an attraction. But I suppose, opposites attract! No matter what the drama, the attraction doesn’t go anywhere.” 

How do you get along with co-star Dan Ewing? He’s very popular with the fans!
“Our relationship is quite similar to on screen, except he’s more like an annoying brother! But I’m so lucky to have someone like Dan I can just stuff around with on set. It’s just easy working with him. He’s a great impersonator. He impersonates all our directors! He’s very fast and witty.”

Bianca has a new enemy, Jade Montgomery, at Summer Bay High. Why do the two clash?
“Jade was the Principal of Mangrove River School when that school merged with Summer Bay High. She doesn’t think Bianca is qualified for the job as Principal of Summer Bay High. She has VERY different ideas on teaching. Jade badgers these boys and tells them they are never going to make anything of their lives. Jade has a bad history with the Braxtons. So when she finds out Bianca is married to Heath…”

Rumour has it, Jade could have explosive consequences for Summer Bay in scenes coming up?
“Let’s just say, Jade is a bit of a psycho! The power struggles continue between them and then, indirectly, Bianca brings about the downfall of Summer Bay. It was our big end of year finale in Australia and is really good. It’s massive!”

You and Dan are now signed with a US talent agency. Do you have big plans for the future?
“We all have to spread our wings as far as we can. I’m really excited about that. Period costume dramas are my goal. That would be my dream job. I’d love to get back on stage again too. I miss the theatre.”

Would you ever do a reality TV show?
“I’d love to do Dancing With The Stars. I’m not a reality TV fan, but when it comes to dancing, I’d love to learn how to do all those dances. Dan Ewing, Chris Hemsworth (Kim), Johnny Ruffo (Chris), Rhiannon Fish (April) have all done Dancing With The Stars.”

What do you think of the British soaps?
“When I lived in the UK several years ago, my favourite soap was EastEnders. It feels like a real drama. I saw an episode where it was just two actors in a room, no music. I thought it was great. I love the characters. I like a lot of British TV. I just finished watching The Street, which was phenomenal.”

What’s next for you in 2014?
“I’m hoping to do a full Ironman triathlon. I did a half last year which was the best experience ever. I tore a ligament in my foot during the last 10k, but refused to give up! I was doing it for charity so it was a real personal challenge.”

You can catch an explosive special episode of Home and Away on Friday, February 28 on Channel 5 (1.15pm and 6pm), in which lives are on the line when a bomb goes off at Summer Bay hospital…