Meet Home and Away’s new bad boy

Young star David Jones Roberts has been talking about joining Home and Away as teen surfer Xavier.

Xavier turns up as the nephew of Tony Holden (Jon Sivewright), and it’s not long before he’s causing trouble in Summer Bay.

When asked how he reacted to landing the part, David told “I got all excited and started jumping around.

“I ran up to a couple of people I saw that I knew and just started screaming.”

His stay in Summer Bay is short, and not-so sweet, after his cousin Jack (Paul O’Brien) gets wind of his antics, but the blond lad’s good looks make a big impression on lovelorn Ruby (Rebecca Breeds).

David clearly relishes his new role, but he revealed he’s keeping an eye on his acting future.

“I want to head into film hopefully. That’d be cool. Maybe go over to the States or when I finish go over to England and further my studies, something like that.”

David makes his British Home and Away debut on Thursday on Five at 6pm.

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