Melissa George ‘no Angel’ on Hunted

Melissa George has revealed she left the stunt team on her new show Hunted battered and bruised after constantly accidently hitting them for real in fight scenes.

The actress – who used to play Angel on Home And Away – plays spy Sam Hunter in the gripping new drama from BBC and HBO, written by The X Files’ Frank Spotnitz, about the world of private espionage.

Melissa laughed: “Actually there was more injuries with the stunt people! Which I’m very proud to say…

“I was trained to not make contact with the stunt people but I injured a lot of people!

“There’s a scene where I elbowed a guy and he was in the way and he got a split lip! I felt bad. And then the guy with the fire hydrant, I hit him for real!

“In one fight I did this spin and a back hand and I was so excited that I got the guy in the right eye!

“He was such a gentleman the first thing he said was ‘Melissa are you alright?!’ And I was in the middle of the fight and I stopped and said, ‘Are you okay?’ and he said, ‘Just keep going!’ And as the fight went on his eye just grew! So I’m still fighting and looking at it going ‘Oh my God, I did that!'”

The glamorous Grey’s Anatomy star is now proudly sporting a bulging muscle on her right arm.

She said: “I have a little Popeye muscle to show off. I’m very proud of this, I show everyone in New York and they’re like ‘Ew you’re weird!’

:: Hunted will air on BBC One in the autumn.