Home and Away star Rebecca Breeds has revealed Summer Bay will be rocked by a car crash and a murder.

Teaser trailers for the Australian Channel 5 soap’s upcoming episodes suggest that several lives could be affected by the horrific events, which include an unidentified gun-toting resident and a fight between Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) and his cruel father Danny (Andy McPhee).

Rebecca, who plays Ruby Buckton, hinted to Australia’s TV Week: “It’s devastating on all accounts for all characters. No one will get off scot-free on this one – it will affect everyone on the bay.”

Lincoln also revealed that his character will try to outsmart his dad to try to scupper his devious plans.

“Casey is quite smart and wants to keep Danny close to him and get on side with him, because if he is doing the dodgy, which he certainly shows tendencies of, then at least Casey will be on the inside,” he said.

But Lincoln played coy when asked about the details, simply teasing: “It’s quite an intense storyline.”

The storyline, which is be shown on Australian screens in coming weeks, will screen on UK TV in the autumn, as the soap breaks for five weeks from July 30.