Sally mooning over her ex on her wedding day is not good news for Brad, says departing Home and Away star Kate Ritchie!

How does Sally feel about Brad in the run up to the wedding?

“Sally loves Brad but the ghost of Flynn is getting in the way of her giving herself wholly to him. She loved Flynn completely and for a long time could never imagine loving anyone else.”

Then Brad came along…

“Yes, Brad came along and swept her away. But remember she only accepted his proposal after fearing she’d lost him in the boating accident.”

So should she have said no?
“I think she said yes for the right reasons – at the time. But it was a knee-jerk reaction. And as the wedding has got nearer she’s getting cold feet.”

Why doesn’t she speak to Brad about it?
“She doesn’t want to hurt him. And I think there’s also an element of ‘if I don’t talk about it, it won’t seem so real’.”

Is she sure it’s not wedding day jitters?
“Sally knows this is more than just nerves but hasn’t a clue what to do about it.”

She does try to talk to him on the morning of the wedding, doesn’t she?
“Well, kind of! She finds Brad on the beach putting up the wedding marquee but they keep getting interrupted.”

Do you think he knows what she’s trying to say?
“Possibly. He knows how special Sally and Flynn’s relationship was. Maybe he’s terrified of letting her speak in case she says the words he doesn’t want to hear.”

What finally makes her call off the wedding?
“Pippa calls her on her constant excuses to delay leaving the house for the ceremony. Pippa’s the one person Sally trusts completely and she finally says she can’t go through with it as Brad waits for her at the altar.”

So who breaks the news to Brad?
“Pippa. You have to feel sorry for her don’t you? Brad is devastated. Sally does finally go to the beach to talk to Brad, but he’s so hurt and humiliated he can hardly bear to look at her.”

Does she really think they can continue their relationship after that?
“Sally wants to. She does love Brad. But she knows that decision lies in Brad’s hands.”

And he packs his bags?
“Yes he does. He can’t face staying at the house where they should have been starting their life as Mr and Mrs.”

Is this the beginning of the end for Sally – we know you’re leaving soon Kate?
“I am. So yes, it is the beginning of the end!”