Samara Weaving confirms Home and Away exit

Home and Away beauty Samara Weaving has confirmed she’s leaving Summer Bay.

Samara has played unluck-in-love Indi Walker since 2009 and said: “It is time for Indi to move on from her time in Summer Bay. I think it’s a step in the right direction for her, she needs to start fresh somewhere new and exciting and I think the audience will feel that she needs that relief from her life, too. Not too say her time in the bay wasn’t a memorable one! I think it’s a very honest and fitting exit storyline and rings true to anyone who would be going through this kind of crossroad in their lives.
“I’ve learnt so much about myself playing Indi on Home and Away. Playing such an open and honest character has taught me a lot, even though Indi is a lot feistier, she’s not afraid to tell anyone how she feels and that’s a hard thing for me to do.”
Samara said most challenging storyline in Home and Away was husband Romeo’s leaving and subsequently death. “I have no personal concept of loss on that scale so a lot of research and hard work went into trying to make that as honest as possible,” she said.

Samara, 21, said she planned to go travelling ‘around the globe’ after Home and Away, but eventually return to acting both in Australia and overseas.