Steve: ‘Brax tries to get Dex out of his mess!’

Home and Away‘s Steve Peacocke gives us the gossip on an upcoming MUST-SEE storyline that finds Brax and Casey fighting for their lives in the Australian Outback…

You recently visited the UK. Was there any time for sight-seeing? What were your highlights?

“The trip was brilliant. It was my first time to the UK, and being a lover of history – particularly modern history, it was awesome to be in a place so full of it. The highlight for me was Westminster Abbey. The pubs/restaurants were also great.”

Your co-star Emily Symons (Marilyn) lived in the UK for years. Did she have any top tips on where to go?

“She pointed us toward a few good restaurants.”

Your character, Brax has looked out for Ruby since the death of her mum, Charlie. So how does he feel when he finds out that Ruby has gone off the rails and caused the big car crash that lands Dex in hospital?

“He’s pretty upset by the whole turn of events. He understands that Ruby’s actions are coming from her grief – she’s using pretty poor judgement – but because he knows where it’s coming from he understands it and wants to do all that he can to make things right for her. He knows that’s what Charlie would want, too.”

It sounds like there’s an emotional scene for Brax at Charlie’s graveside, as a result of Ruby’s fate. Is Brax able to finally let Charlie go?

“Brax, like most Aussie men, doesn’t like to let his emotions show. But this is the first time he’s actually allowed himself to go to Charlie’s grave and he knows he’s alone out there. So, in forcing himself to say goodbye, he does get pretty moved by it all. But even then he’s trying to hold it back! It’s like he knows she’s out the somewhere and he doesn’t want to let her down.”

Do you keep in touch with Esther Anderson, who played Charlie?

“She’s doing really really well in Hollywood, which says a lot about her.”

Can you see Brax seriously settling down with another woman? Is Natalie a good match for Brax?

“Natalie’s a great woman, but he’s pretty old school that way. He still feels responsible for Charlie etc, and he feels it still could be too early and potentially painful to search for that kind of relationship again.”

We’re about to see an armed robbery storyline in the UK, in which Brax’s younger brother, Casey, shoots Danny! How does Brax react to his dad’s death?

“Brax immediately sets out to get Casey out of the mess he’s in, and in so doing, has little regard or grief for his dad’s death. He’d feared an outcome like this from the beginning and, if anything, this validates his fears. But he forces himself to put that aside to get on with the job.”

How worried is Brax that Casey could go to prison?

“He’s a realist and knows that the circumstances look bad for Casey. But he knows their best chance is to stay positive and to get a good lawyer. At this point though, Brax doesn’t know how he’s going to pay for it.”

Finally, we hear that there’s a big storyline coming up involving a deadly trip to the Outback for Brax and Casey. Did you film in the actual Outback and can you tease a bit for UK viewers as to what’s in store in those episodes? It sounds exciting!

“We shot an amazing storyline in a place called Parachilna which is well and truly in the Australian outback, nestled into the Flinders Rangers in South Australia. We had everything, stunts, helicopters, shooting, 4WDs flying across the red clay pans and of course some really cracking scenes for us actors to get into. The fans can expect to see two of the Braxton boys coming very close to death, and some very exciting moments amid the spectacular scenery. And for anyone heading to Australia, I’d strongly recommend them taking the time to travelling up to Parachilna to stay at The Prairie Hotel where we all stayed. It was luxury in the desert!”

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