Who’s the daddy of Martha’s baby?

If Martha’s baby is Roman’s it’ll be over with Jack, explains Home and Away star Jodie Gordon.

Why won’t Martha tell Jack the baby might not be his?

“Because she doesn’t think he ever needs to know. Roman’s said he doesn’t want to be involved and he wants to

say it’s Jack’s. And so does Martha…”

Does she trust Roman not to go back on his decision?

“She does… until she’s rushed to hospital with

a miscarriage scare.”

What happens?

“Roman hears she might lose the baby and comes to the hospital. He says he’s realised he can’t just ignore the fact the baby could be his.”

How does Martha react?

“She’s scared he’s there; scared Jack will find out what’s going on!”

Is the baby OK?

“Thankfully yes but Roman says he needs to know if he is or isn’t the baby’s father and Martha has to agree to do a DNA test.”

How will she keep that from Jack?

“They wait till Jack’s out of the room then quickly arrange it. Martha’s so scared of losing Jack she wants the facts before deciding her next step.”

Someone else finds out about the test, though. Who?

“It’s new Bay policewoman Charlie, but neither Martha nor Roman know that she knows. What happens is she goes to bed with Roman then spots the DNA testing kit as she leaves.”

Is there a chance Jack would understand

if Martha confessed everything?

“Martha and Jack have been through more than most and right now their relationship is as solid as it could be. But she’s taking a big chance not being honest about her pregnancy.”

Does Martha think it will be over with Jack if the baby is Roman’s?

“Hopefully the tests will show Roman’s not the dad and her dream of a perfect life with Jack and their baby can become reality. But if Roman is the dad her dream will become a nightmare…”