Ash goes for custody of Luc and Leah tells Zac they’re through!

There's an emotional clash of interests when Ash announces he's going for custody of Luc, Leah tells Zac they're over for good and Nate reels after losing his job....

Zac’s in pieces this week when Leah makes it clear she no longer wants him in her life in Home and Away following his infidelity with Sam.

Despite trying to piece their marriage back together and the fact they obviously still love each other, Leah is haunted by her husband’s betrayal and just can’t have Zac around. She demands that he move out, leaving a desolate Zac to explain the situation to friends and family.

Elsewhere, Nate is fuming after being made redundant and unleashes his bitterness on Tori, blaming her for him losing his job. Will Tori be able to calm her boyfriend down and make him realise she was placed in an impossible situation?

Meanwhile Brody is in serious trouble when he gets his hands on more drugs and Irene is stunned when Ash accuses her of not looking after baby Luc properly and announces he’s going for full custody of his late sister’s little tot…