Patrick reveals a haunting secret to Ash in Home and Away

Patrick is suffering from PSTD and is losing his grip on reality. After knocking down Ava in his car, Patrick turns to Ash for support and confesses a haunting secret.

Following on from last week as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder appeared to be blighting Patrick’s life, the ex squaddie ran down a child as he tried to escape the Bay in his car.

As the action picks up from the accident, Patrick tends to the injured girl, Justin’s daughter Ava, as other helpers arrive on the scene – but it’s clear he’s very confused and thinks he’s back in Afghanistan rather than Summer Bay.

Ava’s rushed into hospital where Justin struggles as her stepdad Brian tries to take over. Later, a concerned Ash catches up with his troubled brother and is devastated for his sibling when Patrick makes a haunting admission about his military career…