CRASH! Brody Morgan causes an accident which leaves Mason in a coma

Brody is on his way to an NA meeting with his brother Mason when their car crashes as the addled chef believes dealer Zannis is following them

Brody Morgan is struggling to get clean and his recovery isn’t helped when he learns dealer Zannis has been released on bail in Home and Away.

Although Kat assures him there are measures in place to keep Brody and his family safe, the strung-out chef isn’t convinced that Zannis will leave him alone and is worried he knows Brody landed him in jail.

As Mason realises his brother is about to relapse into taking drugs, he convinces him to attend an NA meeting. But on their way there, Brody loses it, thinking Zannis is following them, and causes the car to crash. Brody’s injuries end up being superficial, but Mason’s are serious. Brody feels terrible as his youngest brother is put into an induced coma…

Will anyone believe Brody when he reports he saw Zannis following him?