Will Kat die? Have Kat and Robbo said their final goodbyes in Home and Away?

An emotional Kat decides to stand by her man, Robbo, but her loyalty has devastating consequences

Copper Kat is struggling following the bombshell  revelation of her boyfriend Robbo’s true identity and the fact he is actually, Beckett Reid.

But there’s worse to come when, she urges him to tell the full truth, and, under pressure, he admits he was responsible for killing Novak.

A scared Kat doesn’t know which way to turn when Robbo suggests they go on the run together, and when she tries to escape him, he physically restrains her.

Pregnant Kat fakes a stomach cramp, hoping that Robbo will call an ambulance but instead he calls doctor, Tori, who arrives at the house but quickly realises she’s walked into a very tense and dangerous situation.

And she’s right to be worried when Robbo grabs her and bundles her into his car before driving her away.

All hell breaks loose when everyone realises Robbo has kidnapped Tori, but it’s Kat who’s later in danger when she agrees to run away with Robbo.

As the pair of them attempt to flee Summer Bay, they’re caught up in a head on collision with an oncoming car!

Is anyone going to escape from the crumpled wreckage alive? Or is it all over for Kat in Home and Away next week?