Heath finds Zac comforting Bianca and wallops her ex! Will the couple split as the row about their pregnancy continues?

The strife continues for Heath and Bianca who are at loggerheads over her pregnancy. Bianca wants to terminate it – but Heath doesn’t. After another row about the situation, Heath loses it when he later finds Bianca being comforted by her ex, Zac. As Heath’s temper boils over, he punches him!

There’s horror for new mum Billie. Her baby girl, Luc, has been stolen from the hospital by the ‘father’, Mick, who raped Billie. Ash is determined to save the day – but Billie warns her brother to focus on finding Luc rather than getting revenge on Mick.

As the awful news of the baby’s kidnap spreads round the Bay, VJ finally tells his mum Leah the truth – baby Luc isn’t his son. How will Leah  react?