Held hostage! Jasmine, Leah and Ryder suffer a terrifying encounter with stalker David…

Jasmine is taken hostage by her stalker David who also traps Leah and Ryder

Jasmine’s nightmare with David comes to a terrifying end as he tries to force her to leave the Bay with him. She uses clever tactics to alert Leah to her plight – and soon the mum, and Roo’s nephew Ryder are involved too! How will the saga end?

Elsewhere John and Marilyn become embroiled in Alf’s rift with Roo. Can their friends get the father and daughter back on track? Can Roo harness her stress and try to find her mum who she’s recently learned, from Alf, is still alive?

Dean’s past with Willow comes to the fore and causes problems for jealous Justin.