Romantic proposal! Hunter asks Olivia to marry him in Home and Away. Will she say yes?

Hunter arranges a romantic proposal for Olivia on the beach but as he gears up to pop the question is Olivia about to break his heart?

After a rocky few weeks, Hunter is more sure than ever that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Olivia and sets to work planning the perfect romantic proposal.

However it seems that Olivia’s heart and head are in a different place altogether and when Axel asks her to go to Paris with him for a fashion show, she’s overwhelmed with temptation.

Feeling conflicted, she decides to go to Irene for advice and pours her heart out but Irene is not impressed that she’s even contemplating a trip to Europe.

As friends and family help Hunter with his proposal plans and record special messages for his planned video, Irene is worried.

Is Hunter about to pop the question only to be turned down? Or will Olivia decide he’s the man for her and say yes?