Kat has a panic attack as the guilt gets to her

Copper Kat Chapman struggles to cope after becoming embroiled in boyfriend Ash's criminal capers in Home and Away.

Kat Chapman is furious to discover Ash’s shady dealings have put her in a such a compromising position in Home and Away.

Torn between her knowledge of criminal activity and her role as a police officer, she’s conflicted and doesn’t know which way to turn.

As her anxiety grows about the dirty money used to fund the garage, Kat decides there’s only one option. She can’t be a crooked copper; she needs to confess to her boss and resign.

Her boyfriend, Ash, desperately tries to talk her out of it and tells her all she’s done is protect the people she cares about, but Kat’s guilty conscience gets the better of her and fraught with all the stress, she suddenly suffers a panic attack.

Is Kat going to be all right or is this the end of the career in the police force?