Three’s a crowd! Kat susses Tori has a thing for Ash in Home and Away

Kat tries to get back on track with Ash but reckons Tori has a crush on her boyfriend, and gets annoyed when Ash plays it down.

Poor old Tori. She’s got a serious thing for Ash in Home and Away and is being used as a sounding board for his troubles with Kat, and by Kat for her troubles with Ash! Not to mention being on emergency dial to babysit Luc 24/7.

After admitting to Mason that she fancies Ash, Tori tells the troubled couple to keep her out of their love dramas and she puts a stop to the babysitting shifts. Kat, meanwhile, is convinced that Tori has a crush on Ash and fumes when Ash refuses to entertain the idea. Thing is, Ash isn’t stupid… is he playing it down because he has a crush on Tori, too?