As Brody's addiction to drugs is exposed, his siblings Tori, Justin and Mason are at odds over what to do.

Brody’s drug addiction surfaces and is about to shatter the close-knit Morgan family in Home and Away.

Justin is furious with Brody for being involved with narcotics after all that they went through with their parents. But when Justin throws Brody out of the house, Tori is devastated that her brother could be so heartless. The Morgans now have no idea where Brody is.

He ends up being taken in by Scarlett, who he abducted after smashing up the pawn shop. Having found Brody sleeping rough on the beach, Scarlett takes him back to her place before informing his worried siblings where he is.

At Scarlett’s place, can Tori and Mason convince Justin that they need to bring Brody home?