Is it over for Home and Away’s Kat Chapman and Ash Ashford?

As Ash Ashford ploughs ahead with his plans to adopt baby Luc, his relationship with Kat Chapman reaches crisis point.

Things come to a head between Ash Ashford and Kat Chapman as the subject of Luc’s adoption once again takes centre stage in Home and Away

Ash is committed to going ahead and adopting his late sister Billie’s little boy while Kat continues to struggle with the idea. She’s worried about the impact the adoption will have on their relationship and also her career and, besides, she’s just not sure she’s cut out for motherhood.

As the couple attempt to discuss the situation it becomes increasingly clear something has to give and it’s with a very heavy heart that Kat comes to a decision. She loves Ash, but she just can’t see a way forward. Is this the end of the road for the the couple?