Plane crash terror in Home and Away!

There's carnage when Duncan Stewart's birthday treat for Tori ends in tragedy in Home and Away...

With the Morgan family’s bitter enemy Spike hellbent on revenge, the lives of Tori and her nearest and dearest are at risk in Home and Away. Duncan Stewart has pulled out all the stops to impress Tori on her 30th birthday by arranging a very special treat: a trip in a private jet to a winery for all her family and friends.

However as the excited guests board the plane they’re unaware they’re walking into a death trap. Evil Spike has tampered with the plane to ensure a slow leak of carbon dioxide into the cabin.

Shortly after the plane has taken off, the passengers start to feel drowsy as a result of the leak and soon pilot Duncan struggles to keep his eyes open and slumps over the controls.

As the plane starts plummeting towards the ground can anyone save them?