Robbo saves the day when he rescues Kat from Zannis as the copper sets out to free Ziggy and Brody who've been kidnapped by the drug dealer

Robbo is going to save the day! Zannis has struck again. He’s got Ziggy tied up in a motel room and he’s about to trap Brody, too, having forced Ziggy to lure him over there.

When Brody fails to make his parole sign in, worry spreads throughout the Bay. Kat goes in search. As the policewoman arrives at the motel, she’s soon embroiled in Zannis’ evil web and gets knocked out! With that it’s down to Robbo, who’s travelled out with her, to save the day. As Kat comes to, she clocks Robbo taking down Zannis! Impressed, she wonders if his super-speedy skills are are key to his mystery past… Was amnesiac Robbo a copper in his former life?