Will Billie go ahead and marry VJ in Home and Away?

As their wedding day arrives, a stressed-out Billie is in turmoil. Can she go through with it?

The excitement is mounting in Summer Bay as Billie and VJ’s big day approaches.

Marilyn is determined to throw her a bridal shower, unaware the bride-to-be is wracked with guilt over her lies and deception and is having a serious case of cold feet.

Meanwhile an oblivious VJ, who still has no idea he’s not the biological father of heavily-pregnant Billie’s baby, can hardly wait to leap into his suit and say his vows.

Uh-oh! As friends and family gather for the nuptials, can Billie paint on a smile and go through with it or will her anxieties spill over and leave VJ jilted and heart-broken?